written by Stan Lai (Lai Sheng-chuan)
director Derek Chan

Studio Ensemble

Performance Hall Comedy

October 21-24
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“This play is a real treasure” -The Jacksonville Review

Two theatre groups have been mistakenly double-booked. One is preparing the romantic drama Secret Love, and the other is performing the riotous comedy Peach Blossom Land. Through their chaos and quibbles, they contend with the subject matter and the other company. This internationally acclaimed play wrestles coexistence with opposing ideologies through ancient fables, tragedy, and comedy.

Content Advisory Sexually explicit content, strong language, violence, haze.

Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land is approximately one hour and 30 minutes in length, plus a 15-minute intermission.

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“Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land by Taiwanese playwright, Stan Lai, was the first Chinese-language play (translated into English, of course) that ‘made it big’ in North America (at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival a few years ago), so to speak.

As somebody who was born and grew up in Hong Kong, and has struggled with believing that stories from my part of the world are just as valid over here, the prospect of sharing Secret… with you all excites me to no end. This play that I have heard about so many times, as a child, as a teen, and now again, as an adult. I am fascinated by the parallel worlds cohabiting the same theatre-space inside the play: the oscillation, tension, and cacophony that arises from the two plays within — crying out to each other through two different times.

I look forward to exploring with you all what that means, within our context, where we are, and with who we are. At this time and on this land. Together.”

– Derek Chan, director

Performance Schedule
(in-person & livestreamed)

Thursday, October 21 7:30pm
Friday, October 22 7:30pm
Saturday, October 23 12:30pm* & 6:30pm
Sunday, October 24 2:00pm

* = relaxed performance

written by Stan Lai (Lai Sheng-chuan)

director Derek Chan
stage manager Jaren Guerreiro
assistant stage manager Adrian Palek
set design Greg Murdoch & Eilidh Tew
scenic artist Carole Klemm
sound design Cooper Hiebert & Tiffany Oud
projection design Cooper Hiebert & Grace Martin
lighting design Alison Bendall & Sara Gargaro
costume design Statia Benny & Madeline Jane
props Heather Watt & Tyrus Williams-Penney
student marketing Mackenzie Langdon & Kane O’Scalleigh
technical assistant Emily Friessen
finance and development Leo Livora

Managing Artistic Director Caleb Marshall
Director of Education / Company Manager Danielle Meunier
Production & Design Manager R.J. Peters
Associate Production Manager Eleanor Kschischang

Times Colonist: Critic’s picks

"[Secret Love...] is the perfect life-imitating-art experience for CCPA students, who are tasked with overseeing every aspect of this truly original piece on its way to the stage."
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Three stories. Two plays. One stage.

The Studio Ensemble kicks off the College’s 2021/2022 season with a production of Stan Lai’s Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land.
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