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Annual Giving Campaign

This Annual Giving Campaign is essential for CCPA to provide the quality of training that has earned notable accolades and continues to launch our graduates into every aspect of the performing arts. Join us to build on our successes and stride forward with confidence.

Our goal for this season is to raise $75,000 to go towards three key areas: Areas of Greatest Need; Student Aid; and Community Outreach.

Donors will also receive a charitable tax receipt for all cash donations.

Donors can participate in many ways by selecting where their gift should be awarded.

Your gift will make a tangible difference.

The impact of your action could include:

Greatest Need 
$50 two new library books
$100 new tools
$500 a week of accommodation

Student Aid
$50 student food bank for a month
$250 two sessions with a professional counsellor
$500 funds a bursary or a student in financial need

Community Outreach
$100 subsidizes 5 companion tickets to a relaxed performance
$250 pays for the students lunch on Concert of Remembrance tour day
$500 subsidizes 20 tickets to students or seniors groups

For short term impact

Areas To Support

Greatest Need
Student Aid
Community Outreach

Urgent priorities currently lacking resources, heavily impacted by the loss of revenue due to three COVID years:

Program Delivery Operating Funds
Repairing tools and facilities which have, after 25 years, begun to show the ssigns of age – including improved all-gender, and replacing our set shop which was torn down in the Fall of 2022.
Staffing Supports
Increased pressure to fundraise and reconnect with community and prospective students has placed significant pressure on a small administrative team.
Artist Fees
Ensure we are able to continue hiring diverse professional creative leaders from across Canada.
Library Resources
Updating books on current mythologies, practitioners, scripts, and scores, so our students can access a robust array of resources from around the world.

The College is committed to ensuring that financial burden is not an access to training, and increasing supports to care for all students mental, emotional, and educational well-being.

Emergency Crisis fund
Supports hard costs for students who confront sudden unimaginable circumstances such as evictions or the death of a close family member.
Financial Aid
Strives to keep our student tuition as reasonable as possible as well as offer merit-based scholarships and urgent bursaries for students in need.
Mental Health & Learning
Professional counselling is cost prohibitive; access to an in-house counsellor with regular office hours would provide much needed support.
Health and Wellness
The demanding schedule at CCPA and a students limited…can make health eating and regular visits to health care providers a challenge. Support the Student Food Bank, Soup Nights, and on-site visits/consultations by Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Nutritionists.


The Canadian Heritage Arts Society’s mission extends beyond the College to the broader community. These programs are designed, to assist underserved sectors of the community, by offering opportunities to access, create and actively participate with the performing arts.

Relaxed Performances
Provide accessible, inclusive matinee performances that give people who experience sensory overload (1/3 of the population) the freedom to respond naturally.
Concert of Remembrance
Offered annually to Parishes, Legions and long-term Care Homes. Students sing beautiful, reverent harmonies underscoring the importance of giving back to the community.
Donated and discounted tickets
To all performances for seniors, students, and under-served communities,


Pat Taylor, CCPA Donor
For long term impact

Additional Ways to Support

Endowment Funds
Legacy / Planned Giving
In Celebration / In Memory
Third Party Events

Ensure that your generosity lives on, securing the maximum possible tax benefits for your estate

• Wills & charitable bequests
• Gift of life insurance
• Gifts of stocks and securities
• Gift of property, trust and annuities
• Gift of RRSP & RRIFs

Endowment funds secure the future of the College – and are all eligible for up to a 100% matching grant!


The Canadian College of Performing Arts Endowment Fund provides approximately $12,000 a year in grants to support general operations, educational programming, and artistic programming.

The Legacy Scholarship Endowment Fund for the Canadian College of Performing Arts supports student aid at the College through scholarships, awards and bursaries. In the 2022-2023 Academic Year $19,840 was given out as scholarships or awards to 21 students.

The simplest option is to leave the College a bequest in your will. It could be a sum of money or a gift in kind such as artwork, securities or real estate. Whatever you choose, your estate will receive a charitable donation tax receipt. Depending on the size and nature of your gift, you could eliminate all of the income tax on your final tax return – and possibly on the return for the immediately preceding year as well.

Commemorate an important individual. Consider a gift to the Canadian College of Performing Arts when you are planning an event, retirement or to honour a loved one.

Turn any activity into a fundraising opportunity and let your imagination run wild. From bake sales to golf tournaments to dinner parties – the possibilities are endless to raise funds for programs at the College. Contact our office at to let us know what you are planning and how we can provide you with our brochures and other materials.

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