About Us

We gratefully acknowledge the Lekwungen-speaking peoples (also known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations), on whose traditional territory the college stands, and on whose home we learn, create, and perform.

About the College

The Canadian College of Performing Arts is built on education, artistic excellence and community. Our three unique conservatory style post-secondary training programs offer emerging artists intensified skill-based alternatives to academically oriented university programs. Classes are rigorous and offered to the highest professional standards by elite faculty and guest artists, to produce well-rounded performing artists of exceptional caliber with a strong work ethic and business acumen.

Founded in 1998, the College has over 650 alumni who have successfully entered the industry as performers and active artistic leaders. As one of the most uniquely focused training programs in western Canada, the College has brought hundreds of artists together in collaboration as coaches, educators and trainers. Having an institution like the College in Victoria BC, national in its scope and ambition, is a rare gateway for emerging Canadian artists to find success in the professional performing arts industry.

I tell my friends that I get to make my dreams come true every day because I go to school here.

Courtney CrawfordKimberley, BC

Our graduates are performers working on nearly every stage in Canada, on Broadway, and in film, television and recording studios.
Our graduates are creators: writers, composers, and choreographers adapting their art form to the ever changing mediums of performance.
Our graduates are arts administrators leading Canada’s cultural community.
Our graduates are teachers and mentors nurturing the artists of tomorrow.
85% of our graduates reported working professionally or continuing studies one year after graduating.

Our Mission

To offer the highest quality of training in a broad spectrum of skills which will prepare the students for careers of excellence in the performing arts locally, nationally or internationally.

To provide a stimulating, positive and constructive environment where students are encouraged to develop high standards of work ethics and conduct which will serve them in any field of endeavour in their future.

Our Values

 To create a versatile, well-rounded performing artist with a strong professional work ethic.

In particular, to continue to offer unique training programs in Canada where students can develop their performance and career management skills under the close supervision and guidance of highly qualified professional teachers, mentors and theatre artists.

It is an honour to share that the Canadian College of Performing Arts has been recognized by Casting Workbook as “One of the Top Canadian Acting Schools” in 2021. 

The CCPA is built on education, artistic excellence, and community, and could not have achieved this recognition without the hard work of our dedicated students, faculty, staff, and supporters.

The Canadian College of Performing Arts is a designated Private Training Institution.

The College is an organizational colleague of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

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West Side Story, 2019 | director Matthew Howe | photo credit Peter Pokorny
Broadway Lights with the Victoria Symphony, 2018 | directors Janis Dunning & Jacques Lemay | photo credit Peter Pokorny