19-20 Award Recipients

The College believes in providing affordable education to deserving students based on their talent and ability to succeed in a professional career in the performing arts.

Every student (domestic and international) is eligible for the merit-based award program that rewards students for achievements and outstanding efforts in their studies, awarded by a committee of faculty members based on work throughout the school year.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we offered over 25 awards and scholarships this year to our students. These awards and scholarships have immediate and meaningful impact on a student’s life, allowing them to achieve their artistic goals.

2019-20 Award Recipients

Grandmothers’ Award for Voice
Mackenzie Langdon

Edith Ling Award for Voice
Benjamin Conroy

Derksen McClure Memorial Award for Dance
Jaren Guerreiro

Odermatt Family Award for Dance
Jaime Butler

Fowler Family Awards for Dance Year I
Tyrus Williams-Penney

Fowler Family Awards for Dance Year 2
Samuel Radelfinger

Award for Drama
Statia Benninger

Betty Wilkinson Award for Drama
Zhuonan Sun

W.E. Honey Memorial Award
Margo Milton

Derksen McClure Memorial Award for Music
Kianna King

Fowler Family Award for Playwriting
Invisible Minority by Jacelyn Perret

Merit and Faculty Recognition Award:
Outstanding Overall Growth & Achievement – Year I
Adrian Palek

Merit and Faculty Recognition Awards:
Outstanding Overall Growth & Achievement – Year II
Kelsey Launier

Merit and Faculty Recognition Awards: 
Outstanding Work Both On and Off Stage
Cooper Hiebert

Dorothy Gray Merit Award:
Outstanding Contribution to the Studio Ensemble

Danny Saretsky

Founders Award for Musical Theatre
Niah Davis

Puente Theatre Award
Ricardo Caballero

Oak Bay Kiwanis Award
Ella Daly

Generosity of Spirit Award Peer Award: Year 1
Cooper Hiebert

Generosity of Spirit Award Peer Award: Year 2
Kianna King

Adam Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship in Technical Theatre
Pedro M. Siqueira

Marilyn Gitnick Severs Award
Greg Murdoch

Marguerite Rowe Scholarship
Elan Miller-Jeanotte

Alice May Salmon Award 1
Ricardo Caballero

Alice May Salmon Award 2
Emily Anne Pugsley

The Dr. Iris MacGregor Bannerman “Lucky Chance” Award
Josephine Kay