Noreen Smith

Connections, Private Singing Fundamental Techniques

Noreen began her musical journey singing harmonies in church with her family, playing in the school band, and singing in the choir. She graduated from the UVic School of Music, studying classical voice and singing in the Pacific Opera Chorus while performing various oratorios around Victoria.

Noreen developed a curiosity and appreciation for various vocal genres, including Jazz, pop, rock, gospel, and musical theatre. However, she quickly ran into the limitations of her classical training. She wanted to advance her vocal technique to the point where she could teach any singer any style.

In 2001, Noreen moved to Los Angeles with her husband, Darrell. She spent 20 years developing expertise in vocal technique, pedagogy, and musical direction there. Noreen trained for fourteen years to the highest levels of the Speech Level Singing organization with the teachers responsible for the voices of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Patinkin and Justin Timberlake. Los Angeles also provided the opportunity to musically and vocally direct 20+ productions for the local community & school theatres. Noreen‘s work garnered five nominations and two national-level awards for musical direction.

Noreen actively coaches recording artists/labels, pop/rock/metal singers, voice-over actors, musical theatre performers, and operatic singers. However, she is particularly fond of working with talented young adult singers and collaborating with teams in a musical theatre production.

Noreen applies her craft to ensure her students reach their dream vocal sound and range while maintaining their unique, marketable sound. Equally important, Noreen encourages her students to develop healthy vocal and mental/emotional habits to ensure career longevity.

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