Luba Ellis

Ballet Accompanist

Luba Ellis comes from the Russian Far East. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Piano and Concertmasters, and a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Education.  While in Russia she was a Deputy Director and held a senior position in a State Music School in Khabarovsk, which is a sister city to Victoria. She arrived in Canada in September 1999 and has since worked as a Ballet accompanist and piano teacher. She has worked with Canadian celebrities like Karen Kain, Evelyn Heart, Jean Grand-Maître and many others. She is frequently invited to accompany classes for touring ballet companies from Canada and around the world. She also accompanies master classes and exams for the Cecchetti society and RAD.  She truly believes in the power of education enabling our students to liberate and realise their potential, enhancing the value of performing arts and culture.

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photo credit Peter Pokorny