Spotlight on Alumni: Andrew Cownden

CCPA trained me in a diverse set of skills; a comprehensive and practical education which helped me become a valued performer. That broad skill set makes it easier for companies to cast me in everything from musicals, to classical plays, to children’s theatre. CCPA also taught me the basics of the business — how to audition, how to put together a resume, how to apply for a job, etc. — and put me in a great place, with much luck and hard work, to break into the industry.
-Andrew Cownden

Since graduating from CCPA’s Company C with a diploma in Performing Arts in January of 2008, Andrew has worked for many theatre companies across British Columbia, including The Arts Club, Carousel Theatre, Chemainus Theatre Festival, and Western Canada Theatre. He has just finished his third consecutive season at the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver.