A New Canadian Musical that Combines Students’ Voices and Established Musical Genius

The Canadian College of Performing Arts’ launches The Quest, seen onstage for the very first time.

A New Canadian Musical That Combines Student’s Voices and Established Musical Genius.

For Immediate Release VICTORIA, BC: The Canadian College of Performing Arts’ Studio Ensemble presents a brand new, never before seen on stage, Canadian musical – The Quest. Created by Canadian musician Murray Foster (Great Big Sea, Moxy Früvous), and composer Kieren MacMillan, the production runs in-person and online from February 11 through 19. Four high schoolers play the roleplaying game “Quest”, bringing to life a wizard, a bard, and a barbarian. One night instead of quests within the game, Taylor, the game-master, challenges the others to take on real-life quests instead. This launches all four of them on a journey to leave the safety of their fantasy world and confront their greatest personal fears – but will they fulfill their adventure and learn about themselves and the value of friendship, or remain tucked away in a world where magic can solve all things?

“This show provides students the chance to delve deep into the development process, work directly with the creators, and imbed their voice into a piece specifically relatable to young audiences,” says Managing Artistic Director, Caleb Marshall. CCPA’s Studio Ensemble is thrilled to work collaboratively alongside playwrights Murray Foster and Kieren MacMillan, as well as musical director Jeff Poynter, and director and choreography mentor Stephanie Graham. “Having the opportunity to further develop the piece at the Canadian College of Performing Arts is absolutely thrilling,” says Graham. “Over the last six months I have witnessed the writers be incredibly open to collaboration; creating a radical revision that includes exciting new songs and characters.”

“The characters of The Quest are much deeper than they were prior to CCPA,” says Murray Foster. “Working with actors whose job it is to bring characters to life forces you to think of the characters as real people.” Fellow playwright Kieren MacMillan states they “wanted to write a show that had no adult characters, because the world needs more good youth musicals,” and “having so much great input really blew the piece open and helped push us to keep making the show better.” “It’s essential that we not only nurture the next generation of Canadian artists but also provide avenues for the next generation of voices crafting new Canadian work,” added Marshall.

“This production is perfect for our students, it’s age appropriate, current, and close to home while still offering a great canvas for imagination and a world of theatricality and possibilities.” According to Foster it was essential for the writers that ”there was also tremendous range in the music that would appeal to everyone, from 50’s Metro-GoldwynMayer ballads to 80’s pop to 90’s boy band to tremulous 11 o’clock numbers that’ll break your heart.” When asked what it would be like to finally see their work realized onstage, “I think I’m most excited to see the fantasy world of ‘Quest’ come to life on stage and interact with the ‘real world’” said MacMillan. “Spoiler: We have orcs!”

The Quest is a show that knows we all have what it takes to be brave – we just need a little push sometimes. The College is committed to ensuring as much access to this new work as possible. Performances will be available both in-person at the CCPA Performance Hall, and available online for select livestream dates as well as Video on Demand. To ensure a safe in-person experience per current Public Health Orders, audiences will be capped at 50%, and masks and proof of vaccination with government photo ID will be required upon entry.

Content Advisories: Mild language, flashing lights.

What: The Quest

Who: The Canadian College of Performing Arts’ Studio Ensemble

When: February 11 through 19, with 5 evening performances and 3 matinees ranging from 12:30pm to 7:30pm Both the February 11 and 12 evening performances, as well as the February 19 matinee will be livestreamed.

Video on Demand will be available beginning February 13 at 12:30pm for the duration of the run. Where: CCPA Performance Hall, 1701 Elgin Rd, and online.

Ticket Prices In-Person Adult $34 Senior $30 Student/Artist $23 Livestreaming/VoD Household $38 Individual $24 Student/Artist $15 Tickets can be purchased online at https://tickets.ccpacanada.com/. Online ticket holders will receive a password protected link prior to showtime.

*Saturday February 12, 12:30pm: CCPA presents its fourth Relaxed Performance of the season. Relaxed Performances are on the first Saturday Matinee of each run and are open to everyone, but intended specifically to be sensitive to anyone who may find the usual theatre environment challenging. There is a more casual-than-usual approach to front-ofhouse etiquette and the performance will be slightly adapted to make a more comfortable environment. The lights in the theatre remain on low throughout and you’ll be free to leave and re-enter at any point if you need to.


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