Bob Plecas


Most importantly, married to Pauline Rafferty, 5 kids, 14 grand kids. A food-wine- travel family.

40% of my working life. Long time Deputy Minister. 5 Premiers, 10 different Ministries plus acted as government’s trouble shooter, fixer, negotiator — federal, business, labour, international agreements — and the most fun, the opening of EXPO with the Prince and Princess of Wales. Concurrently, lecturer at the University of Victoria and Queen’s in negotiations and crisis management.

Left government—other 60%. Vancouver based consulting business. Non-lobbyist for industry — major forest and other large companies/unions, and small business organizations. Focus on solutions to government created problems and major issues. Clients: Presidents and CEO’s. Government interruptus — twice. First, Premier asks return to public service, to manage the largest re-organization in the province’s history, creation of the Children’s Ministry — 18 months. Second, 10 years on, briefer, Head, independent inquiry into a horrendous child welfare incident. Recommendation led to increased funding and adopted best practices.

In between and after, BC’s industry lead in softwood lumber negotiations with the USA. Then several years mediating disputes between industry and First Nations concerning large, litigated delayed, commercial project start-ups and operational interface problems. Advisor, Costal First Nations (Great Bear Rainforest folks).

Wrote two books, one a BC politics best seller, one historical fiction currently with an agent.

Media. Enjoyed 12-15 years as a political panellist on radio and television, written extensively on political issues for the print media.

Additional relevant public boards: Serauxman Service Club (Nanaimo), Garth Homer Society, Victoria Philharmonic Choir Society, the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and the Sovereign Order of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller.

Gongs. Queen’s Jubilee Medal, Honorary Appointment for non-church-members to BC Diocese of Anglican Church.

Life today–travel 4-5 months a year, plus family/write/read/exercise and volunteer Boards.

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