COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Please click here to view the policies specific to in-person audiences visiting the College’s Performance Hall. Below you can find our latest in-depth policies for operating as an educational institution, and resources to help ensure the safety of our community. 

We have summarized our policies and procedures into these nine points that apply to all students, faculty, staff, patrons, and volunteers who visit the College:

Got symptoms? Stay home!
If you are scheduled to attend class in-person and are demonstrating symptoms, you are to remain home and attend class virtually if able. You must notify the Registrar if you are demonstrating symptoms or feeling unwell.

Come prepared.
Review your daily checklist to ensure you have all the belongings you require (PPE, meals, clothing, weather protection, water bottle, and school supplies). Personal items should be clearly labeled with your first initial and last name. Do not leave personal items lying out in the open. It stays in your locker if you don’t need it for class.

Sign in & sanitize.
Once you have signed in on the app and sanitized your hands upon entry, you may proceed to the locker room, washrooms, or the student kitchen / common area to drop off your food in the fridge, before heading directly to your assigned studio or workspace.

Follow the flow in an orderly fashion.
Enter & exit from assigned doors (Year I & II: lower level awning, Studio Ensemble: stage door, staff & faculty: garden doors). Adhere to any directional stairwell and hallway arrows, and all capacity, sanitization, and distancing signage.

Masks are mandatory when moving from A to B.
The wearing of non-medical mouth and nose coverings is mandatory at CCPA when travelling from A to B within the building, until you are socially distanced in your assigned studio or at a personal workspace.

Sanitize first or wipe it down after.
Sanitize prior to touching anything you know others will touch (door handles, fridges, microwaves, light switches, etc.). If you don’t sanitize before, you will need to wipe it down after.

Adhere to capacity and distance.
Each room clearly indicates the maximum number of people allowed entry. You are to remain socially distanced in taped out areas until directed by an instructor to change formation/activity. Any activity that reduces distancing requires masking.

Contact requires sanitization & consent.
Any activity that involves physical contact requires sanitization before and after, and the consent of all involved. The diploma program is contact-free between students until further notice. Instructors should avoid contact with students unless deemed necessary.

Got time? Go outside!
There is to be no milling about, socializing, or eating meals within the building. (Some exceptions may apply or permissions given.) Breaks and spares are to be spent outdoors. There are covered outdoor spaces provided. Support the community by reducing congestion.

These unprecedented times require flexibility and adaptation, so please check back for any updates to these documents as we discover new methods of working together. The CCPA community will be notified of changes. Members of the public or guests of the College will be directed to this page for review. The most current protocols will exist here. 

COVID Campus Tour

Year II students and roommates Cooper Hiebert, Mackenzie Langdon, Greg Murdoch, and Heather Watt produced this video tour of the College for incoming Year I students, including an overview of our new COVID safety protocols.

Special note: the students involved are roommates, and any reducing of social distancing was done for demonstration.

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The Penelopiad, 2018 | director Ron Jenkins | photo credit Peter Pokorny
Unity (1918), 2019 | director Glynis Leyshon | photo credit Peter Pokorny