Concert of Remembrance Livestream

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The Band of the 5th (BC) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

Sgt J.E. Eng, CD, Bdr Michelle Cox, CD, Gnr Thomas Bauer, Ms Elisa, Ms Pippa Williams, Mr. Andrew Montgomery, SLt(N) Edith Eaton, CD, PO2 Rebecca Hissen, S1 Marie-Pier Tardif, S3 Kishan Chouhan, Mr. Anthony Xiao, Ms Ann Thorup, PO1 Marielle Audet, CD PO1 (ret’d) Sylvain Lefebvre, CD Bdr Paul Spelt, Pte Cole Davis, Mr. Karsten Brewka, Pte(R) Alex Cox, Lt(N) Annie McCrady, CD Sgt Wagner Ksenhuk, Sgt (ret’d) Pat Foley, CD, Mr. Jason Kelly, Sgt Joanna Venturanza, Bdr Chris Spide, Sgt Amee Ballantyne, CD Pte(R) Theresa Chan, WO (ret’d) Bruce Neatby, CD Gnr Steven De Vries, S1 Sandra Veilleux

CCPA Year 1

Deanna Beattie, Elijah Bell, Jordyn Beyer, Timothy Cameron, Jaida DeSchryver, Elisha Dowber, Jacob Ellis, Mireille Fynes, Indie Garrett, Jenna Hsu, Michelange Lord, Dalton Nelson, Jeanne Marlie N’Gotta Amani, Jasmina Parent, Rose Reimer, Amanda Reyes Gallardo, Camély Rouleau, Daniel Tepper, Grace Tomkins, Katie Van Bergeyk, Gracie Tomkins, Zoë Spry White, Nicole Wiebe, Mia Wistaff, Erika-Shay Gair (Certificate Program)

CCPA Year 2

Gina Bayliss, Shania Cabilao, Victoria Callin, Ben Cooper, Dustyn Forbes, Evelyn Hawes, Elizabeth Hilderman, Paris Iverson, Rain Mahendra, Michaela McLean, Lara Cerys, Yasmin D’Oshun, Kaylee Ross, Jeremy Sinclair, Sian Spiller-Tisserand, Devon Walker

Creative Team

Meredith Zwicker Music Selection, Direction & Arrangements

Caleb Marshall Text Compilation, Staging & Projections

Danielle Meunier Director of Education & Programming

R.J. Peters Design and Production Manager/ Livestream Director

Samantha Workman Front of House

Emma Kirkland Development Manager

Michelle Rios Engagement Officer

Eleanor Kschischang Associate Production Manager/Operations Officer

Tasha Cadence Projection Design

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