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Backstage: Expanding the Museum: Sharing my Indigenous Story

Year II student Jacelyn Perret articulates her experience as a young growing Indigeneous artist, how her hometown and the College shaped her, and where she intends to take her career.
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Backstage: Love, Honour, and Bravery

Studio Ensemble member Alissa Grams reflects on the College's traditional Concert of Remembrance, and Canadian theatre's tradition of celebrating our identity, history, and honouring those that came before.
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Backstage: 2018/19 Year in Review

Michael D. Reid interviews College directors Caleb Marshall and Heather Burns for their reflections on our 2018/19 season.
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A Tribute to Adam Wilkinson

A tribute to our friend and mentor, Adam Wilkinson.
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Backstage: International student experience full of discoveries, artistic rewards

Hear from four of CCPA's international students about what brought them to the College and what they bring with them.
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Backstage: Bátiz-Benét dedicated to getting the (West Side) Story straight

Michael D. Reid interviews Mercedez Bátiz-Benét, artistic consultant for West Side Story, about ensuring the musical’s cultural aspects are accurately and sensitively portrayed.
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Backstage: Oak Bay embraces College’s community spirit

Michael D. Reid reports on the District of Oak Bay's recent presentation of the Acorn Arts Award to the College.
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Backstage: Carmichael wears her chosen profession well

Michael D. Reid covers the process of costuming the College's year-end shows with costume designer Shannon Carmichael.
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