2022 Graduation Ceremony Livestream

Having trouble with the livestream? Try these tricks to help make things run smoother:

  • YouTube’s default volume setting for livestreams is 50%. If the volume is low, first try moving your cursor to the bottom of the video and turning up the YouTube volume.
  • Make sure no one else in your house is streaming something at the same time (someone watching Netflix while you stream Paradise Lost will interfere in the delivery and lower the quality!)
  • Make sure you are in a place in your home with a strong Wi-Fi connection. If there is a thick wall between you and your modem it may affect the quality of the video.
  • If the video is freezing or the sound falls out of sync try pausing the video for a moment and replaying.
  • If pausing the video doesn’t resolve anything, try refreshing the page. Have your password handy though, you will need to re-enter it!

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