September 2021 Covid-19 Policy Update

Students, Faculty, Staff, Guest Artists and Board of the Canadian College of Performing Arts,

This communication is to provide you with updates on the measures we are taking to protect the health and safety of our College community.

The precautions and protocols we put in place last year allowed us to be one of the few performing arts colleges in Canada that successfully operated in-person all year without incident of COVID-19. The credit for that success belonged to the entire College community, all of you, working together to support each other and do all we could to help the performing arts industry revive as quickly as possible We are prepared to, and will, adapt our plans as needed as we have over the past year. Here are some of the measures we have in place for our return to campus this fall:


We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated. Vaccination is the most effective way to protect yourself and our community from COVID-19 and the severe outcomes of the disease. While no one’s personal information will be disclosed by the College, the entire administrative staff are choosing to self-disclose that we are 100% fully vaccinated. This link contains resources and information including registering and finding drop-in clinics:

Proof of vaccination requirement:

By order of the PHO, proof of vaccination will be required to access some events, services and businesses. Starting September 13, you must have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. By October 24, you must be fully vaccinated. The requirement applies to all people (12+) and covers:

  • Indoor ticketed concerts, theatre, dance, and symphony events
  • Indoor high intensity group exercise
  • Discretionary non-educational activities on post-secondary campuses captured by the new proof of vaccination requirements include indoor ticketed events, on-campus social activities and concerts.

Vaccine Exemption:

  • Students do not need to prove vaccination to attend classes.

The nature of the program at CCPA is such that while students are not required to be vaccinated to attend classes there are integral elements of the training that students will not be able to participate in without proof of vaccine including: live theatre reviews, external performances of the Concert of Remembrance, performance partnerships with bands / symphonies, off-site performances of the year-end musical, and viewing theatre presented by fellow students outside your classes. 

Proof of Vaccination Procedure:

As this is a provincially phased process and vaccine passports have yet to be introduced, provincial immunization cards or electronic immunization confirmations will be accepted in advance of the vaccine passport. 

  • All students, faculty & staff are requested to submit their proof of vaccination to College Administration.
  • Students who believe they may qualify for a vaccine exemption should contact the Registrar.
  • Students may send a scanned copy of proof of vaccination to the Registrar at
  • Faculty may send a scanned copy of proof of vaccination to the Managing Artistic Director at
  • During orientation week individuals may bring their proof of vaccination to the Registrar’s office to be scanned.
  • Copies will be kept on file in individual personnel or student files.
  • Personal information regarding an individual’s status will not be disclosed to anyone other than the senior staff who have access to the above-mentioned files.
  • The College has a responsibility to provide the college community with the confidence that every measure possible is being taken to ensure everyone’s health & safety. To this end we will be disclosing to the college community the percentage of vaccinated individuals at the College. i.e. 65% fully-vaccinated/25% first dose/10% undisclosed.
  • A vaccine approved list will be created for College events that do require proof of vaccination, and individuals who have submitted their proof of vaccine will be not be required to provide proof again to gain entry.
  • Individuals who are not on the vaccine approved list and do not present proof of vaccine at College events requiring proof will not be permitted entry and/or participation.

Masks on campus:

Wear a mask at the College. Along with vaccination, masks are proven to be very effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Wearing a mask not only protects you, it protects those around you.  

PHO order on masks in public indoor settings:

Starting August 25, masks are required in all public indoor settings for all people (12+). 

  • Including common areas of post-secondary institutions and non-profit organizations. Masks must be worn in all public indoor areas, including: classrooms, lobbies, hallways and stairwells.

Capacity limits on gatherings:

  • Indoor organized seated gatherings have a capacity of 50 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater. This limit will apply to the College’s external audiences.
  • Classrooms, lecture theatres and educational orientation events are not considered gatherings and can operate with no capacity limits.

Other safety measures

  • The College will continue to use HEPA filtration systems.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will remain in place.
  • Increased cleaning protocols will continue.
  • Safety barriers will remain in place in areas where face-to-face interactions take place.

We are looking forward to an interactive and vibrant College experience this fall, and to experiencing the enthusiasm and energy of our CCPA community. We are proud to be a place where students learn and grow through interactions with our faculty, staff and the surrounding community. Being in-person at the College and experiencing those connections are core to who we are – and we all have a role to play in keeping our College community safe and healthy so that those connections remain strong. 

I know that this rapidly changing environment has been a cause for anxiety for many of us, but please be assured that we have been preparing for our return to campus for months and we continue to monitor and adapt to the guidance of the Provincial Health Authority as we implement our plans for a safe return this fall. 

We know that there can be varied perspectives related to the pandemic. It is important that we continue to be kind and understanding and, most importantly, make decisions that protect our health and the health of others. If you have concerns with any of the steps the College is taking, please contact me at Know that there is support available if you need it, including mental health supports included at the end of this communication. We look forward to welcoming new and returning students next week. Experiencing the vibrancy of our College is one of the many things that makes CCPA special. Let’s do all we can to keep our community safe and healthy. 

Caleb Marshall
Managing Artistic Director
Canadian College of Performing Arts


Mental health supports

Students, faculty and staff may be anxious or experiencing increased stress about returning to campus. Mental health supports will be critical for everyone’s health and wellbeing as part of the return to in-person activities on campus. Various supports are available including:

  • Here2Talk, a free and confidential 24/7 mental health counselling and referral service
  • The new Capacity to Connect program, which provides faculty and staff at postsecondary institutions with easy access to the tools and skills they need to provide intervention and help for students who are struggling with their mental health and wellness.
  • KUU-US crisis response service, a culturally-aware crisis support is available 24/7 to Indigenous people in B.C.
  • Virtual mental health programs and services are offered through the province to support mental health and wellness