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Every year since its inception, the College has enjoyed strong competition for student entrance, due to the excellent teaching standards of the faculty, the national and international successes of its graduates, and the respect earned by alumni in the performing arts industry. As one of the most uniquely focused conservatory style training programs in western Canada, the College has graduated well over one thousand students, and has brought hundreds of artists together in collaboration as coaches, educators and trainers.
  • Our graduates are performers working on nearly every stage in Canada, on Broadway, and in film, television and recording studios.
  • Our graduates are creators: writers, composers, and choreographers adapting their art form to the ever changing mediums of performance.
  • Our graduates are arts administrators leading Canada’s cultural community.
  • Our graduates are teachers nurturing the artists of tomorrow.
  • Our graduates are working in careers they are passionate about.

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Awake, 2003 | directors Janis Dunning & Jacques Lemay | photo credit Tony Belcher


Founded in 1998, the Canadian College of Performing Arts offers three unique conservatory style post-secondary training programs, where emerging artists receive intensified skill-based alternatives to academically oriented university programs. The curriculum is built on equal respect for all disciplines, and that collaboration, partnership and community are the essence of theatre.

Classes are rigorous and offered at the highest professional standards from professional instructors, mentors and guest artists. In addition to classes, workshops and rehearsals, students must complete Professional Development Credits to expand their experience beyond the classroom.

We believe cultural leadership is cultivated through mentorships, community rooted volunteerism and fostering new creation.

We measure success by preparing a student to be a motivated self-employed business and an inspired artist whose voice will better illuminate the human condition when they confidently enter the profession.

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Smokey Joe’s Cafe, 2015 | director Darold Roles | photo credit David Lowes


ACT Deepen your understanding of the actor’s role, the preparation and analysis expected in the profession, and get the tools necessary to achieve those goals. Alongside your classical acting courses you’ll study dialects, physical theatre, collaborative play-building, stage combat, and acting for film.

DANCE Develop your technique and cultivate expressiveness in ballet, contemporary/ jazz, tap, and musical theatre styles. Classes are offered from beginner to advanced levels.

SING Fine-tune your singing in private voice lessons, vocal ensemble, and Connections (our lab-like vocal masterclass). You’ll also study music theory.

PERFORM Performing is a skill in itself. Audition training and masterclasses are part of the weekly curriculum. Outside of class students have 5+ performance opportunities per year in house and in the community including Vancouver Island’s premiere venues.

CAREER Career management courses start in the first term and run to the end of the program. Students are immersed in the business and administration of arts: manage yourself as a freelancer, build your own company, write grant proposals, and more. Second year students have the opportunity to be paired with a faculty mentor to create and present their own work.

Classes are taught by our outstanding faculty from across the nation. They are working professionals in the fields of acting, dance, singing, and career management.

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