The Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) is one of Canada’s notable training centres for a career in the performing arts. Over the past twenty years, the college has made a difference in the lives of gifted young artists.

  • Our graduates are performers working on nearly every stage in Canada, on Broadway, and in film, television and recording studios.
  • Our graduates are creators: writers, composers, and choreographers adapting their art form to the ever changing mediums of performance.
  • Our graduates are arts administrators leading Canada’s cultural community.
  • Our graduates are teachers nurturing the artists of tomorrow.
  • Our graduates are working in careers they are passionate about.

CCPA offers three programs with the high-calibre instruction that is aligned with the needs of the industry. Our Enriched Performing Arts Diploma and Performing Arts Certificate are designed to train students in the three pillars of performing arts: acting, voice, and dance. We complement their technical training with ample performance experience and career management courses. Our “Company C” Studio Ensemble Diploma, open to graduates of our other two programs, is a 21-week intensive program in which students develop and mount three separate shows in a theatrical collective. Learn more about our programs>

Our programs are intensive. The curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation for a career in the performing arts. This career requires the discipline to continually refine your personal craft while simultaneously maintaining accountability to others during a production or project, as well as managing your career as an entrepreneur. Our students develop a robust work ethic and high standards of conduct that serve them in all their future endeavors.

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