How to create your video audition

Nervous about recording your audition? Don’t be! You can record your audition using your smart phone. We’ve broken it down into three easy steps.

Step 1: Set up your shot

  • Find a quiet space with little to no noise.
  • Clear away anything that could distract from your performance. If you’re filming at home take down pictures to create a blank wall behind you. If you’re filming in a dance studio clear away any lingering dance shoes, sweaters, or any small items that clutter the space.
  • Don’t film in front of a window.
  • Once you’ve cleared your space, set up your smartphone on a tripod, a stack of books, or a music stand. Remember to film in landscape mode.

Step 2: Record your audition

  • Don’t wear bright patterns, hats, or dark glasses.
  • Start your video by introducing yourself and the piece you are about to perform. You can introduce each piece separately or list them all at the beginning – whichever you prefer.
  • You’ll need
    • Two short contrasting monologues (maximum total length of three minutes)
    • One solo song (a maximum total length of four minutes).
    • One or two dance or movement pieces showing your ability and experience in different styles of dance
  • If you’re having trouble choosing contrasting material, here are some tips:
    • You could choose a dramatic monologue and a comedic one, or something classical and something contemporary.
    • You could choose an up-tempo song and a slow song or a song for your character voice and another for your classical technique.

Don’t learn something new for your audition if you don’t have to. Choose material that you know and love.
— Heather Burns, Director of Education and Programming

Step 3: Save and submit

  • Make sure the video is no longer than 8 minutes!
  • Once you’ve finished your video save it as a .MP4 file.
  • Submit your video with your audition package by email ( or a file sharing site like DropBox or OneDrive. You can also upload it to YouTube. If we have any issues accessing your video our Registrar will contact you.

Don’t forget your application form. Head back to our Apply page for forms, requirements, and deadlines.


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