Thank You Ron and Darold

A big thank you to Ron Schuster and Darold Roles, former directors of CCPA!


The staff, faculty and the Board of the Canadian College of Performing Arts wish to express our appreciation and recognize the contributions that Ron and Darold  have made to the college during their tenure. We wish them well in their retirement.

As we embark on our 20th Anniversary of Excellence in performing arts training, we look forward to celebrating our past, present and our bright future with all of our students, alumni and supporters.

The Board of Directors is pleased  to announce that Jacques Lemay has accepted the position of Interim President Jacques and Janis Dunning are the co-founders of CCPA. Jacques served as the Managing Artistic Director until 2010, and has continued to work with students and to support the College. Heather Burns has been appointed Artistic and Education Director. Heather has been a valued faculty member for the past 7 years and a senior artistic administrator.   It is fitting and exciting to have Jacques and Heather at the helm as we plan a year of Twenty Years of Excellence activities in celebration of the 20th anniversary of CCPA.

Click here for the New CCPA Leadership Team announcement

The future of the College and our students is full of opportunity and we hope you join us on the journey!

Those who have  questions on how to be involved with the college and our celebrations are invited to contact us