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Charlie David                                              Alison MacDonald                   Ryan Nelson Reid

Charlie David  Alison-MacDonald  Ryan (Nelson) Reid




This school brings the most welcoming, warming and safe environment ever. The teachers and faculty really bring in this feeling of love, and being at the school I grew in ways that I never thought I would. There is always room for growth, and at CCPA, they help water you and watch you bloom. Never stop believing in what you can do!- Jenny Nguyen, Year 2 Student
CCPA is an amazing school in which students help and encourage their classmates to succeed.- Keelin O’Hara, Year 1 Student
CCPA is a safe, nurturing place to fail, learn and grow. I am so proud of myself and all my wonderful talented peers who inspire me to do my best and fall on my face or succeed smiling while I do both. I find myself unable to stop smiling many days and I enjoy every opportunity I get to perform that you have provided.- Melissa Kahan, Year 2 Student
CCPA has helped me grow as an artist and a person. I am so lucky to learned all I have from such great faculty and talented peers.- Morgan Thorley, Year 1 Student
I wanted to send you all a big thank you for the lessons you have taught me. I am currently doing my first professional contract with the Rossland Gold Fever Follies. We do 80 shows over the summer. I would have not gotten this gig if not for your help. Today we did our first dance day. I am so proud of myself I picked up the choreography so quickly and I did it so well. and when I got it wrong and I could figure it out. I know so many terms, lifts and moves. Thank you for pushing my limits, teaching me discipline, hard work and how to enjoy dance and express myself. But most of all thank you for not giving up on me. I feel like a confident happy dancer. Although I realize there is still much for me to learn on my journey ahead but I would to say thank you for making me a dancer.- Ian, 2014 CCPA Graduate
So proud of all my accomplishments at CCPA over the last few years! I have grown incredibly as an artist and leader. I am so grateful to have worked with such great faculty. They pushed me in so many ways that have helped me on my journey. I have made so many wonderful friends, that I am proud to call family.- Kyle, 2015 CCPA Graduate
There was something about living amongst the passionate and talented students that walked the halls of CCPA that keep driving me to create art in any way I can. Since graduating with honours, I have worked consistently in both film and theatre in Halifax.- Hugh, 2011 CCPA Graduate