Krista Monson

Creative Stage Vision Director for Cirque de Soleil

Krista Monson is one of today’s most imaginative and innovative creative, stage, casting and vision directors and an inspiring and evocative instructor and guest speaker.

Krista recently spent the past nine years with Cirque du Soleil, first as Artistic Director of “O”, followed by Casting Director for Cirque du Soleil’s resident shows worldwide and most recently as Conceptor and Stage Director for Cirque du Soleil Special Events.

As Artistic Director of the renowned production “O” in Las Vegas, she was responsible for upholding the show’s artistic vision and integrity – a task she accomplished with success by leading a collaboration of performing artists, coaches, stage managers, performance medicine specialists, and technicians, all stemming from a wide array of cultures, languages and areas of expertise.

Following her work as Artistic Director, Ms. Monson was invited to pilot and develop the first delocalized casting department for Cirque du Soleil based in the United States.  Along with an international team of scouts and advisors, she was accountable for the placement of hundreds of artists for all resident shows worldwide including those shows in Las Vegas, Asia, Orlando, New York and Los Angeles. In 2012, she was featured in the CNN series Leading Women , an OMEGA Ladymatic sponsored series that features outstanding women at the top of their chosen fields.