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Joscelene Tamburi

Joscelyne will regularly post on BroadwayWorld and the website about her time training at CCPA and performing in the college’s productions.

March 14 2017

What a Week

After countless hours of rehearsal over many months, All That Jazz, our production with the Naden Band is officially over. I am so proud of our school and the Naden band-of the Royal Canadian Navy – thought I would clarify who they were) for the amazing 2 shows we put on. It’s a strange thing to have something we have spent so long getting ready for to be over in just 1 day and now we are completely moving on, it feels all too sudden. That’s showbiz I guess. I must admit the nights off since we are no longer rehearsing for the show are nice. Though, we won’t be missing musical rehearsals for too long; we start Disney’s Beauty and The Beast rehearsals Saturday! But, like I was saying, this is the last week of real school where we have our final handwritten assignments due (and a lot of them!).  It’s nice to have those nights off to finish homework or get a few extra hours of sleep, even if we do miss rehearsals.

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March 14 2017:

The Countdown To Naden

With less than 7 days left until opening of “All That Jazz,” our big concert with the Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy, the excitement within the school is practically palpable. We now have had our very first full run through of the show with most of our costumes, and though there are obviously still some rough edges (like any show would have with their first full run), everyone finally got to see the bigger picture as a company, and after seeing everything we have accomplished over these past few weeks, we should all be so proud of ourselves. I know I am sure proud of it and everyone who’s been pouring every bit of their time and energy to make it become this incredible show. The high level of performance that is starting to shimmer out from inside each of us is breath-taking to see. Everyone is starting to shine from excitement, I can see the little glimmers sparking behind their eyes, and I’m looking forward to seeing those sparks really begin to ignite day by day as we reach our peak at Naden.

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March 7 2017:

This week, Josie is dealing will the flu, classes, rehearsals for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” coming to Victoria, BC in April.

For people not in theatre, or who are new to theatre, the basis that applies to every company anywhere in the world, is that we are very close and we give everything to each other. And by everything, I literally mean everything, including germs. So when one person gets sick, we start dropping like flies. More and more groupings of talented students go down every day and morph into these half-beings, pretending they’re OK because God forbid you miss a single moment of learning under our amazing faculty; attempting to learn a Russian accent, practicing Laban technique so we can be the right type of steel (yes, actual steel. This is the 5th or 6th level of tension depending on which method you use) for 1 line in our Shakespeare scene, and auditing dance classes ONLY because in jazz class this morning you tried to do a triple pirouette, lost control from dizziness and face planted into the floor.

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