Relaxed Performances

Open to everyone, but intended to be welcoming of anyone who may find the theatre environment challenging, be that a fear of the dark, loud noises, confined spaces or disabilities of any kind. The more casual-than-usual approach includes low light in the audience during the performance, introduction to the actors and the story, and a reduction of the intensity of potentially startling effects. The audience is free to come and go and there is a calm space outside the theatre.

The Managing Artistic Director of the College, Caleb Marshall, believes theatre should be accessible to everyone. While serving as the Artistic Executive Director at the Sudbury Theatre Centre, Marshall was one of only a handful of theatre directors in Canada to commit to this inclusive programming.

“There was shared light at Shakespeare’s Globe [theatre]. The lights didn’t go down. You could see the audience. They could see the actors. It created a kind of engagement, and sometimes when there’s involuntary vocal noises, that’s a form of engagement. That’s somebody’s response. It’s just a different kind of response.”

This type of theatre environment creates a special relationship between cast and audience.

For more information, please contact the box office.

Click here for our Visual Story for our Relaxed Performance of Sweet Charity.

Relaxed Performance Dates

Twelve Angry Jurors Sunday October 21, 2:00pm
The Penelopiad Saturday, December 1, 2:00pm
Middletown Saturday December 15, 7:30pm
Stage Door Saturday December 15, 2:00pm
Sweet Charity Sunday, February 3, 2:00pm