Roxanne Helme Q.C.


Roxanne Helme QC has practiced both criminal and civil law in Victoria for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Laws from Dalhousie University. She served as Chair of the Employment of Insurance Board of Referees where she presided over hundreds of appeals, often involving unrepresented claimants. She is on the Registrar of the International Criminal Court’s approved List of Counsel. She is to date the longest serving member of the Victoria Bar Association Executive having served as Social Coordinator from 1993 to President in 2011. She was elected by her colleagues to the Provincial Council of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association for two consecutive terms. She has also served as the President of the International Criminal Bar, as a member of the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board, as the Secretary Treasurer of the BC Association of Police Boards, as a community appointee to the Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness and for six years as a member of the Board of Directors of ICA. In 2019 she was re-elected to the ICA Board of Directors and appointed President and Chair. She has been a guest lecturer on numerous topics at the University of Victoria Law School and also at Esquimalt High School.

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