Jackie Adamthwaite

Stage Management Mentor

Victoria born, and mostly raised (Military-brat), Jackie’s 20 year career in the performing arts has been a mix of both on and off-stage work. Growing up in the School District 62 PACE Program, Jackie first touched a lighting board at age 14, when somebody else didn’t show up, and her path forward was clearly laid out. Attending high school both in Victoria (Belmont Sr. Secondary) and in London (The American School in London, UK), Jackie’s class schedule was decidedly arts focused with most of her classes falling in the Fine Arts Department (Theatre & Music) with Law and Biology on the side.

Jackie’s focus has always been in Theatre Production and Stage Management, with an unusual love of also being onstage. Considered a “hybrid” in university, Jackie completed a BFA in Theatre at the University of Victoria with a specialization in Production Management in 2001; stage managing multiple productions, acting in two main-stage plays and production managing MFA projects and Faculty of Music presentations during her 4-year stint. Jackie also spent her first 3 years at the Phoenix as a Box Office workstudy and one year as a Production Management workstudy while pursuing her degree. Throughout her schooling Jackie worked for the Belfry Theatre (Box Office & Front of House), Langham Court Theatre (Box Office) and the Herald Street Centre for the Arts (Box Office & Front of House).

In 1998 Jackie met CCPA Co-founders Jacques Lemay and Janis Dunning and was brought onboard to assist Jacques with stage managing the college’s year-end production.

Jackie joined the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA) while still in university and began Stage Managing professionally. Upon graduating Jackie joined the Stage Management team at Pacific Opera Victoria (POV) as an Assistant Stage Manager. In 2003 Jackie was offered the position of Resident Stage Manager at POV and decided to fill her time between opera engagements with contracts for Carnival Cruise Lines. Working onboard as a Stage Manager and Senior Entertainment Technician, Jackie was exposed to large scale, Vegas-style spectacles and magic shows, fly-on entertainers from around the world and local acts that joined the ship while in foreign ports.

In 2005 Jackie was brought back to CCPA to work with the inaugural “Company C”. She has had the privilege of working with and mentoring in the Studio Ensemble program for 12 of the 14 seasons it has been delivered.

In 2006 Jackie became the Artist Liaison for POV while continuing on as Resident Stage Manager. Managing artist contacts, travel and accommodation opened up another side to Arts Management and paired nicely with her production role. Caring for artists before they arrive dovetailed nicely into caring for them while they were in residence. In 2010 Jackie was offered the position of Manager of Artistic Programming at POV and handed over the reins of Stage Management to focus on the Opera’s Resident Artist training program, school tours and community outreach initiatives.

During her time at POV, Jackie managed to carve out space to work with local tenor favourite Ken Lavigne on his many concert and touring projects as well as in film and television production.

In November 2011 Jackie changed gears and went to work for the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island as Manager of Events, raising funds for children with disabilities and their families. Her relationship continued with CCPA and in 2011 Jackie stage managed the first of 7 year-end shows under the college’s leadership team of Ron Schuster & Darold Roles.

From 2015  to 2020, Jackie was a full time member of the team at CCPA as Operations Manager. She is currently the Front of House Manager for the Royal and McPherson Theatres Society, and continues to mentor student stage managers at the College through the Year II mentorship program and the “Company C” Studio Ensemble.

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