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It’s time to get dolled up to join those bright young things and dance the night away. We’re filling the Centennial Ballroom with live music and dancing! Stay tuned for details.


Keelin O’Hara
Keelin graduated the Company C program at CCPA just this month and is very excited to be working with fellow alumni at this wonderful fundraiser event. With a passion for singing and a love for jazz music she is delighted to be given the opportunity to participate and hopes you enjoy the night!
Kristina Roberts
Kristina has always loved the arts. She’s been playing piano and singing since she was 4 and at 13 began dancing and acting as well. Selected credits include: Cabaret (Emcee), Wintertime (Greek Chorus), The Old Curiosity Shop (Codlin/Mrs. Jiniwin/Sophy Wackles), and A Sentimental Christmas with the Victoria Symphony (Featured Soloist).
Alexandra Willett
Alexandra Willett is originally from Shawinigan, Québec. She has diplomas in both Natural Science and Jazz Music, as well as having graduated from “Company C”. Since then, Alexandra has been working with the Story Theatre Company and still writes original music as well as acting in short films around Victoria.

The Cross Town Stomp Club Band

David Flello – Trumpet
David Flello is an educator and musician living in Victoria, B.C. His playing experience as a freelance trumpet player has spanned most musical styles including orchestral, small ensemble, pit orchestra, jazz and commercial music. He has performed as an ensemble player and/or as a soloist with the Victoria Symphony and the Brasswest Brass Quintet, The Midnights R&B Band, Dockside Drive and with notable artists including Holly Cole, David Foster, Rob McConnell, Guido Basso and the Temptations.

Avram Devon McCagherty – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
After several years of tutelage from Victoria’s finest guitarists, fingerstyle virtuoso Ron Forbes-Roberts, and the now infamous Gypsy Swing master Marc Atkinson, Avram became a full-time professional performer and teacher of music. Avram has founded and fronted the Capital City Syncopators, The Original Stomp Club, The House Band and the Devon McCagherty Trio. He can be found performing ALL over town.

Matt Pease – Drums, Percussion
Matt credits his musical eccentricity to growing up with a jazz musician father and playing in punk bands. Matt has previously played at the DuMaurier and Toronto Dominion JazzFests and other jazz, blues and folk festivals around western Canada. He has shared a stage with Edgar Winter, the Wailers, and Green Day as a member of the Victoria band Fungkus. Matt studied with the great Canadian drummer Claude Ranger. He is known for his musicality and, through his many years of experience, the ability to play confidently in any style.

Don Cox – Sousaphone
Don is a veteran of the Music Industry in so many senses of the word. He is THE consummate performer of bass lines on Tuba, Sousaphone, Electric and Acoustic Bass. As a musician with tremendous versatility he performs regularly with Symphonic Orchestras, Pop and Jazz groups including the Capital City Syncopators.

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