Glenda Balkan-Champagne Headshot
Glenda Balkan-Champagne
Private Voice
Heather Burns
Education & Programming
Jane Edler-Davis Headshot
Jane Edler-Davis
Music Theory
Luba Ellis
Ballet Accompanist
Teodora Georgieva
Music Theory
Alison Greene Headshot
Alison Greene
Theatre Research
Kim Greenwood
Kim Greenwood
Private Voice
Jessica Hickman Headshot
Jessica Hickman
Contemporary Dance
Faculty, Jim Hill
Jim Hill
Music Director
Matthew Howe Headshot
Matthew Howe
Jim Leard Headshot
Jim Leard
Chair of Acting
Jacques Lemay
Career Management
Iris MacGregor Headshot
Iris MacGregor Bannerman
Text Analysis
Nathan McDonald
Private Voice
Jeremy Miton
Tiffany Miton
Musical Theatre Styles
Angela Mousseau
Arlene Overman
Private Voice
Sara Partridge Headshot
Sara Partridge
Chair of Voice
Barbara Poggemiller Headshot
Barbara Poggemiller
David Roland
Amalia Schelhorn
Chair of Dance
Treena Stubel Headshot
Treena Stubel
Physical Theatre
Janice Tooby-MacDonald
Jessica Van der Veen
Transition to Screen
Christopher Weddell

Guest Instructors

Michael Adamthwaite
Guest Faculty
Sara-Jeanne Hosie
Guest Director
Ron Jenkins
Guest Director
James Kot
Guest Faculty
Laura Krewski
Guest Artist
Glynis Leyshon
Guest Director
Andrew McIlroy
Guest Faculty
Sarah Rodgers
Guest Director
James Fagan Tait
Guest Director
Barbara Tomasic
Guest Director
Maureen Washington
Guest Faculty