Can I specialize in one area of the performing arts (such as voice?)

No. The purpose of the college is to provide students with the broad skill base that they will need for a successful career. The more versatile a performer is, the more employable they are. Training in a multi-disciplinary environment offers students the opportunity to continue to grow and develop in the disciplines in which they already have training, while simultaneously building valuable new skills.

Do you have a student residence?

The college does not have a student residence. New students are provided with a list of available accommodations in the neighbourhood after they have been accepted to the program.

Are there any loans or scholarships that I can apply for?


  • Every Canadian student that attends the Canadian College of Performing Arts receives a scholarship from the Canadian Heritage Arts Society, totaling nearly half of the total cost of tuition.
  • The college is a designated PTA, and designated for student loans in every region. Therefore, students may apply for government student loans to assist with their educational expenses.
  • The college also has a bursary program for students who demonstrate additional financial need.
  • CCPA has a merit-based scholarship program that rewards students for achieving excellence in their studies.
  • Students are encouraged to seek out additional funding through their local community service organizations and through the guidance/career education department of the institution they are currently attending, if applicable.

Do you accept foreign students?

Yes. International students are welcome to apply for the program. Foreign students must make their own travel and health care arrangements, and obtain all legal permission to study in Canada. You can find out more information about how to achieve a student study VISA by contacting your local Canadian Embassy. Students must demonstrate that they meet the Language Proficiency Assessment Policy requirement.



Where and when are auditions held?

The Canadian College of Performing Arts conducts auditions in major cities across Canada. In order to be considered for enrolment in any of our programs, the prospective student must either attend a live audition or submit a video audition. Deadline for September 2019 intake is June 1, 2019.

What will I be doing at the audition?

Canadian College of Performing Arts Directors conduct multi-disciplinary auditions. Prospective students should come prepared to participate in movement routines, to sing and to act. An interview will also be conducted. Wear comfortable clothing. If you are a dancer, wear your dance attire. See the Apply & Audition page for more information.

Can I apply for the Performing Arts Certificate Program?

In addition to all of the above requirements listed for the Performing Arts Diploma Program, a prospective student applying for the one-year Certificate Program must provide a minimum of two reference letters from industry professionals.

Do I need to have something prepared?

Everyone auditioning for CCPA will need to prepare two contrasting two-minute monologues, a dance/movement piece showing your level, and the first verse and chorus of two solo songs. Be sure to bring sheet music for your solo, in your key, for our accompanist.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your resumé, photo, $60 application fee (credit cards and e-transfers accepted in advance only), a transcript of grades from the educational institution last attended, dance shoes, your sheet music and please wear comfortable clothes so you can move freely.

How long will a live audition take?

Allow at least three (3) hours. Some people may be asked to return for a call-back or interview.

Do I need to pre-register for a live audition?

Yes, please. You must arrive half an hour before posted times to complete forms (if you are unregistered, you will be allowed in, but pre-registering is advantageous).
To pre-register:

  1.  Contact the college to confirm your audition location.
  2. Provide us with your name, phone number and e-mail address.
  3. You are welcome to mail in your application form and registration fee in advance. Please make cheques payable to “Canadian College of Performing Arts”. Please do not mail cash.

Mail to:
Canadian College of Performing Arts
1701 Elgin Road
Victoria, B.C.
V8R 5L7

How much experience do I need in order to be considered for the program?

It is expected that applicants will have had extensive training in at least one of the disciplines (voice, dance or acting). An applicant’s suitability for the Canadian College of Performing Arts is judged based on their audition performance and interview, not on their credentials.

What if I only have training/experience in one or two of the disciplines?

Please apply. It is our goal to help students become more versatile performers.

Can I sing acapella?

Preferably not. Please endeavour to bring sheet music for our accompanist.

Can I bring my own accompanist?

Yes. An accompanist will also be provided by the college.

Can I accompany myself?


I am submitting an audition video, but I have no prior dance training. What should I do?

Please state that you do not have dance training. However, please try to show dance or movement of some type (hip-hop, break dancing, jive, mime, juggling, gymnastics) to show that you are comfortable moving.

When will I be notified regarding my application status?

One monologue or song can be in any language of your choosing.