Endowment Funds

The Canadian Heritage Arts Society holds two Endowment Funds with the Victoria Foundation. Donations can be designated to either Fund by donating to the Canadian College of Performing Arts directly or by contacting the Victoria Foundation. All donations made before October 31st each year will be matched by the Canadian Cultural Investments Fund. Proceeds from this endowment are used to fund various scholarships at the College.


The Ives Family Endowment Fund

The Canadian College of Performing Arts would like to acknowledge the following people who have donated to the Ives Family Endowment Fund over the years:

Jean Ives and James Griffith
Jolene Ens
Barbara Wilson
Betsy Ives

For the 2017-18 Year we would like to thank the following who have also donated to the fund: (as of October 17th, 2017)

Bayview Place LP
Judy Thompson
Anita Stuart
Kenneth Thorncroft
Patricia Firth


About the Ives Family

A message from Jean Ives

Stewart and Effie on their wedding day

The fund is named for Stewart and Effie Ives, born in 1915 and 1913 respectively, in Prince Edward Island and married in 1939. They met in college but had to drop out because it was during the Great Depression and there was no money for education. Not finishing their schooling was a great disappointment to them both. As I was beginning grade one, my father told me he would pay for my first degree but after that I was on my own. Of course I had no idea what he was talking about but between us my sister and I have 8 university degrees so we got the message that education matters.

My parents married, as many others did, as soon as war was declared in September 1939. My father went overseas and was fortunate to return while many of his contemporaries did not. While happy to be home, there were challenges in post-war Canada with food rationing, unemployment, and the displacement of women from the workplace in favour of returning soldiers. For about 20 years, through the Depression, WWII, and the post war era, people lived frugally and many career dreams were not fulfilled.

Entertainment during those years was often music, provided by radio and dance bands, and highlights were movie versions of the big Broadway musicals such as Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun, and The King and I.  Those shows were escapism at its best and my parents had many of the albums and never missed a movie. In 1964, Confederation Centre of the Arts was built and opened in Charlottetown and 1965 saw the debut of Anne of Green Gables and suddenly there were live musicals to enjoy. The early Charlottetown Festival attracted Canadian stars such as Wayne and Schuster, Alan Lund, Mavor Moore, Liz Mawson, and Doug Chamberlain.

Jacques Lemay was a young dancer with the Festival in the early 70’s and my husband, Jim Griffith, and I were happy to reconnect with him here in Victoria at a New Year’s Eve party and to meet his wife Janis Dunning. When Jacques and Janis started to talk about a college and were looking for board members for the Canadian Heritage Arts Society, my sister and I and Jim all signed on to get the ball rolling. Jim remained with the CHAS Board and was the President of the society during CCPA’s start-up years.

In the meantime my mother moved to Victoria and on her death the family decided that a fitting way to keep alive her love of education, young people, and theatre, would be to establish a CCPA scholarship endowment fund. The Ives Family Endowment Fund is a weighty name for a pair of unassuming folk from Prince Edward Island but it encompasses a lifetime of challenges, dreams, and accomplishments as well as the hope of making a small contribution to the future of theatre.

“You need three things in the theatre — the play, the actors, and the audience, and each must give something.”―Kenneth Haigh

Jean Ives

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The Canadian College of Performing Arts Fund

Set up to promote the sustainability of the College. Funds are held in perpetuity with the Victoria Foundation. For more information about this fund please  call 250-595-9970.

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