Endowment Funds

The Canadian Heritage Arts Society holds two Endowment Funds with the Victoria Foundation. Donations can be designated to either Fund by donating to the Canadian College of Performing Arts directly or by contacting the Victoria Foundation. All donations made before October 31st each year will be matched by the Canadian Cultural Investments Fund. Proceeds from this endowment are used to fund various scholarships at the College.


The Legacy Scholarship Fund for the Canadian College of Performing Arts

The Canadian College of Performing Arts would like to acknowledge the following people who have donated to the Legacy Scholarship Fund over the years:

Jean Ives and James Griffith
Jolene Ens
Barbara Wilson
Betsy Ives

For the 2017-18 Year we would like to thank the following who have also donated to the fund: (as of October 17th, 2017)

Bayview Place LP
Judy Thompson
Anita Stuart
Kenneth Thorncroft
Patricia Firth


About the Legacy Scholarship Fund

A message from Jean Ives

Performing Arts is an industry that we personally benefit from and financially supporting students as they hone their craft means there will be a future.

With classes from 9-5 every day, plus rehearsals, shows, and extra practices, students can’t manage part-time jobs. The CCPA programs are demanding, like the industry, and they test students’ emotional and financial stamina. Students have sleepless nights, exhausting days, and disappointments as well as great achievements and the joy of stretching their imaginations and abilities beyond what they thought possible.

The College makes an effort to support students with scholarships, bursaries, and a food bank but in some cases a scholarship is literally the make or break support.

As a private not-for-profit college, tuition is not inexpensive at about $10,000 per year.
Mathematically, more students get more bang for your buck if you donate to an endowment fund. The beauty of an endowment is that only the interest is spent while the donated money lives forever and generates more money to fulfil the purpose of the fund.

Effie & Stewart Ives

This endowment started with a gift from Effie Ives and was called the Ives Family Endowment Fund. In 2019 the Ives family asked the College to change the name of the fund and have it become the umbrella that embraces the many donors who, appreciating the challenges students face, support them financially.

Exciting for the College and students is that the fund is administered by the Victoria Foundation which means donations are eligible for matching grant money of up to 100%.

Scholarships matter to CCPA students and they are counting on you. Yours is a gift for now and the future.

Jean Ives

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The Canadian College of Performing Arts Fund

Set up to promote the sustainability of the College. Funds are held in perpetuity with the Victoria Foundation. For more information about this fund please  call 250-595-9970.

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