Company C Studio Ensemble Diploma

*This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Company C enables students to work in a collaborative theatrical collective as they develop and mount three separate performances between September and February.  They are guided in their performances by special guest directors from the professional Canadian theatre industry.  This is an exciting way for students to expand their repertoire and their résumé. They are also mentored in all areas of production and design.  Students receive the opportunity to lead and create in Production Departments: Sets, Lighting, Sound, Wardrobe, Stage Management, Theatre Administration, Marketing, and Box Office/Front of House.  They also manage a fundraising campaign in tandem with their creative and production responsibilities.  The program finishes with an “Acting for Screen” intensive.  Students continue in dance classes, private and group voice studies, acting, and career management workshops throughout the 21 weeks.  All components of the program are designed to assist students in their goals to become working theatre professionals upon completion of the program.

The Company C Studio Ensemble is an integral part of the program offerings of the college.  The Canadian College of Performing Arts offers this program to successful applicants who are looking for a long and meaningful career in performing arts.


Company C Studio Ensemble Diploma: 21 Week Theatre Performance Intensive

  • Casting in shows directed by nationally acclaimed directors
  • Production skills training; mentored by working professionals (stage management, production design, technical, business and marketing)
  • Career management workshops
  • Résumé credits for work on professionally directed shows
  • Private voice, dance training and acting workshops for the stage and screen
  • Rehearsals and training based on equity standard processes
  • Opportunities for creative and artistic development
  • Screen Intensive Master Classes

Pre-requisite: Diploma or Certificate from CCPA.

Meet this year’s Company C ensemble

Attention Company C graduates: you are eligible for the 4th year BPA program! Click HERE for more info.