BACKSTAGE: Mixing Eras and Elements in ‘Dream’

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Joscelyne Tamburri tells us about her experiences as a Year II student, from the classroom to the stage.


With only a few more rehearsals until we open Shakespeare’s famous A Midsummer Night’s Dream each day that passes leaves the previous studio PH behind as the magical and whimsical world of Shakespeare grows. Over the past two weeks, more and more elements are added to transform our world into theirs, so much that you can physically feel the excitement and anticipation in the cast growing. Each member of this cast has put their own unique talents (besides acting) to create a truly magical show. I think I speak for all of us when I say I am so proud if what we have collaboratively created.

CCPA A Midsummer Night's Dream - The Mechanicals
The Mechanicals have a kind of 1950’s “American Family Dream” feel to them, with the sensible slacks, button up shirts with suspenders and wool vests.

For our take on this classic show, we have a mix of eras and elements to give the sense of magic flowing throughout time. Each mini world within the entire show’s world has its own personal feel. The Lover’s costuming for instance has an influence of the 1930’s in the mix of colours, patterning, layers and shapes. The Mechanicals have a kind of 1950’s “American Family Dream” feel to them, with the sensible slacks, button up shirts with suspenders and wool vests. Very practical and sensible. The Faeries remain how you think faeries should appear – with the exclusion of wings. Faerie wings are one thing you will not find in our show. But the flowy materials, flowers and soft shades of Titania’s faeries with the contrast of the harsher, darker faeries of Oberon are still prevalent.

We are also using fabric in our production instead of real set pieces. On these pieces of hanging fabric, we are able to project beautiful images that boost the majesty of each scene. The fabric comes into play many times in many ways throughout the play, so much so that they seem to have a life of their own. Barbara has been so helpful as she guides us into treating the fabric like another actor, and finding way to play and interact with it so that it is another guiding force in the scene with its own story. Her bountiful knowledge in working with fabrics in such a fun, playful way has been so wonderful to experience and learn from.

Now, I don’t want to go and spoil the rest of the show and have the magic ruined, so if you want to know more about Shakespeare’s wonderful world of A Midsummer Night’s Dream come see CCPA’s Year II students perform this weekend. Our shows are Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday matinee and night as well. Tickets are available through the CCPA website. I hope to see you there!

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Joscelyne Tamburri

Joscelyne Tamburri

Victoria local Joscelyne Tamburri is a second-year student here at CCPA who is extremely passionate to find new ways to expand her creative palette. She is very grateful to be a part of such an amazing program that allows its students to grow to be the best artists they can possibly be.