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Company C student Megan Littlejohn writes about the exploratory rehearsal process with Director Sara-Jeanne Hosie on Wintertime.


Company C student Darian Ngai-Edmund
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This week, Company C will open Charles Mee’s Wintertime, which is both exciting, nerve wracking, and all together one of the best things that will happen to Victoria this year; or at least to CCPA, I think.

My name is Megan Littlejohn, and I’m a Company C student at the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Company C is a 21-week applied program open to CCPA alumni in which students create and operate their own theatre company. In this studio ensemble environment, we perform three professional shows with industry-renowned directors, while also engaging ourselves in a production roles such as Lighting Design, Marketing or Wardrobe. This means a full plate between onstage and off, but the rewards couldn’t be better, especially in terms of what you’ll see starting Wednesday night.

Wintertime is a comedy; a ridiculously obtuse and witty winter comedy set just after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve, in which a family works through some rocky relationship bouts through music and physical theatre.

Our director, Sara-Jeanne Hosie has guided us through a workshopped and exploratory rehearsal adventure/process that can only be compared to being thrown into the ball pit at a MacDonald’s jungle gym play land. For the past month, we have literally been immersed in fun and games from head to toe, discovering the world of this piece together through singing and dancing and gymnastics and throwing adult temper tantrums.

Sara-Jeanne is an extremely inspiring director/mentor/ringmaster. Her vision is beautiful, her warmth and generosity make us all feel safe and supported, and the reason Wintertime is such a genuine show is because of the trust she has instilled in us to speak the speech and clown around. We are a very focused and a-type group of artists, so putting a bouncy ball right in front of us and saying “go play” was surprisingly hard at times, but I’m proud to say we’ve all left the little perfectionist boxes we started in. I’m also proud to say we are thrilled to present a lovely and touching tale about fun family feuding that the world will never forget. Or at least, the world of Victoria.

Sara-Jeanne talks to Oak Bay News about weaving new characters into Wintertime.

So if you’re not in an American turkey coma, you better hurry up, first come first serve. There’s a limited supply of tickets here at CCPA and you bet your bottom dollar there’s a chance you might need to see it again.

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Megan Littlejohn

Megan Littlejohn

Megan is a Company C student at CCPA, originally from Manitoba. She is so pleased to be part of the studio ensemble, and grateful for the opportunity to both perform and produce with her friends.