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Joscelyne Tamburri tells us about her experiences as a Year II student, from the classroom to the stage.


CCPA students in front of the BC Parliament Buildings for the scavenger hunt.
CCPA students in front of the BC Parliament Buildings for the scavenger hunt.

It’s officially been 4 months since I moved away for my TUTS summer, and I’m back in Victoria, back in the halls of CCPA, and it’s like I never left.

I am surrounded by the friendly, familiar faces of my fellow, newly minted Year 2s, mixed in with the nervous but excited Year 1s who are here to follow in our footsteps. There is an indescribable amount of joy I feel to be back in our little Church basement, with the CCPA family.

A lot has changed since we were last here, both in our facility and the people residing in it. This includes our new to the role, but familiar, College directors Jacques and Heather. One of the first things I noticed was the class size of the new Year ones completely surpass the Year 2’s. Their male head count alone triples the amount of boys than the second years, 3 to 1, (they have 9, we have 3 and that’s big news) … The total student enrolled in CCPA’s incoming class is 41 students, compared to our 25. As an actor and a lover of the arts, to see the number of people growing who are pursuing an education and career in the performing arts is so exciting.

On the first day CCPA puts on the traditional welcome dinner so that we can all come together over food and games and really get to know each other right off the bat. After this first week, I’m sure we will all looking forward to working together on the many creative activities and challenges CCPA staff put before us. As a 2nd-year, this also means we have more students to (hopefully not) fight over when holding our mentorship auditions.

I’ll explain mentorships briefly. It is a very gratifying process where we have the opportunity to produce and create and direct our own unique art projects, under the guidance of a staff mentor. That is something very special about CCPA that I love, you don’t just learn the craft, you learn how to make it happen as well. Even though applications are due next week (thankfully I just finished mine), we have more time at school this year to figure out and plan our projects than the second years had last year, as the pieces will not run until the new year. But before we immerse ourselves in our own production projects, the Year 2’s will start on a joint project known as Theatrical Treasures…

Theatrical Treasures is a second year project where, under a director, the Year 2’s not only star in but also help produce a play. This year, under the director of Barbara Pogemiller, we will be producing Shakespeare’s classic “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”; my favorite Shakespeare play! This is such a perfect choice for us and all of our creative talents will be put to use in the best ways. We have opportunities to take part in all aspects of the production. So far, I have my name in to help with makeup and wardrobe, along with the creation of sets. Auditions are in 5 days and I’m just so excited to finally be apart of a Shakespeare production, it doesn’t even matter what role I am assigned.

The "Nerds" team.
The “Nerds” team.

But before we all hunker down and start dedicating all of our waking hours to our studies, we get to have a little light hearted fun – The annual CCPA scavenger hunt.

During the scavenger hunt, half of the second years create 5 stations in different locations around Victoria. The remaining second years join up with the entire year 1 class, divided between them, and use clues to find the stations. When we arrive at these locations we have to perform very unusual tasks to get the next clue for the next station; and so on. Like the Amazing Race – but theaterified! This year the tasks included yodeling to goats, charades, a crazy fashion show, trivia, and another one I’m not quite sure of because my team never made it there in time… whoops. Each station you complete is 30 points. You also have a sheet of side tasks you can do for extra points, like high fiving a guy in a suit for 5 points, or playing “The Floor Is Lava” for 15 points. The team with the most points at the end of the time WINS! Oh! There is one more fun rule. Each group has to dress up in costumes depending on the yearly theme. This year, it was high school cliques, and my team were the ‘Preps’ – and I think we looked great and we had so much fun I’m sure our team didn’t mind the 5th place finish.

To finish off our fun filled week, we had the honor of having our butts kicked by the legendary workout known as “Jacquersize.” This is a complete body workout that makes you sweat out of every pore – even pores you didn’t know you could sweat from. It is lead by our new Managing Director and Co-Founder of the school, Jacques Lemay, aka the most fit man in the world. Seriously, he is in such great shape and after this workout I better be to because I am definitely feeling sore enough! This Jacquersize session was attended by all Year 1 and 2 students, Company C members, alumni and faculty. On top of that, it was live streamed internationally. Great – now people from all over the world could have witnessed the sweaty mess that was me. 😛 Seriously though, this is going to be a fabulous year that’s gonna kick our butts, but in the very best way possible.

Well that’s all for this week. Until next time my friends, stay classy and sassy.


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Joscelyne Tamburri

Joscelyne Tamburri

Victoria local Joscelyne Tamburri is a second-year student here at CCPA who is extremely passionate to find new ways to expand her creative palette. She is very grateful to be a part of such an amazing program that allows its students to grow to be the best artists they can possibly be.