BACKSTAGE: “A Spoonful of Sugar” Helps Us Get Through Tech And Q2Q

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Joscelyne Tamburri tells us about her experiences as a Year II student, from the classroom to the stage.


“OK, that’s not working, is it?”

As we finally do our full dress rehearsal, Tech and Q2Q, things that you thought you had under your belt suddenly rear their ugly head. Timing is everything they say and boy could we use some more of it.

Props are flying across the stage as cast race to make their cues to catch them (i.e. me racing to grab the rolling Talking Shop Cart). People are coming on stage, making their cue, but dropping their pants because they didn’t get them tied up in time. And Mary is doing pirouettes as she flies into the air – not the dramatic effect we were looking for here. But this is the time to fix all of that. Bring out the shammies – it’s time to polish this baby until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building – no wait, that’s a different show.

Sets are built, but not fully painted, and some props have still not arrived so we are back to utilizing our miming skills again, always being assured they are on their way. And somehow, even amidst this chaos, I just know it’s going to be a great show. Can I say that at this point? That’s not bad luck is it? But how can it not be. We’ve all put our heart and souls into the preparation and we are almost ready to share it with everyone.

Fun with the cast.
Fun with the cast.

I can’t help thinking back to 6 months ago when I first auditioned for a chance to be in one of TUTS summer productions. I really didn’t mind which, Mary Poppins or Drowsy Chaperone, or what I go cast as; I just wanted in. Although I think I have done a fair amount of performing work, both competitively and in school & community theatre, I am still only 18 and in my 1st year of college. On top of that, I was an “outsider”. Well, geographically so. I live 3 hours away by boat and rumour had it that casts were primarily filled by the local Performing Arts University, and not many hopefuls get in on their first years of auditioning. It was a long shot, but if not now, then when. I called in a big favour with my Vancouver based Aunt and Uncle to secure tentative summer lodgings, grabbed an audition time and took the plunge.

The best advice I have for anyone is prepare, prepare, prepare, throw in a little confidence, and a splash of glitter. All of those years of classes and training are in you. Pick the right audition song, pack your shoes and show them what you got. If you do your best and if you don’t get in, you have nothing to regret. For TUTS, I came over 4 times; earning callbacks for each show. It was very exciting and intimidating at the same time. There were so many amazingly talented people in the room with a TUTS history. At one point in one of the call-backs, the review panel asked everyone in the room to put up their hand if this was their first time auditioning for TUTS. I was the only one who raised their hand. GULP!

I am happy to say my audition experience was really positive and everyone was really nice, and that’s not just because I ended up getting into the show. Trust in your foundation, your training, hard work and don’t’ forget to remember the people that have helped you get this far.

One week after my last call back, I got the call I was hoping for. I was in… I just knew it was going to be a summer I would never forget.

Until next time friends, stay classy and sassy.


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Joscelyne Tamburri

Joscelyne Tamburri

Victoria local Joscelyne Tamburri is a second-year student here at CCPA who is extremely passionate to find new ways to expand her creative palette. She is very grateful to be a part of such an amazing program that allows its students to grow to be the best artists they can possibly be.