BACKSTAGE: A Day in the 1800s

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Year II student Fernando tells us about his daily routine this summer, working with Barkerville’s Theatre Royal.


Fernando and the cast of the Royal Theatre show in Barkerville.

I’m studying towards the enriched performing arts diploma at CCPA. In my first year, I had the chance to be involved in a Broadway Symphony concert with the Victoria Symphony at the Royal Theatre, local choir presentations, and a production of “Working” at the McPherson Theatre. Right now as a summer job I am working as a performer with Theatre Royal Company in Barkerville BC, where I perform in a 1800s show and a 1950s radio show. Every day, I get the chance to practice what I learned in my first year at CCPA, from jelly jiggles and breathing exercises to acting and ballet basic moves.

My daily routine is waking up, eating a healthy breakfast (oatmeal, berries and yogurt), then I bike to Barkerville from my cabin (30min bike) to warm up my muscles. When I get to the theatre, I do a vocal warm up with the Musical Director, then I set up props, practice my number individually, and get ready for the show! I have some spare time, and I go for a coffee already dressed and in character. Then the company greets the tourists in character, we do a boardwalk number, and we do the 1800s show where I perform 3 magic tricks and sing “Cielito Lindo”. In that show, I am actually playing a real character who was Mexican and lived in Barkerville. After that, we have lunch and set up for the 1950s radio show, where I sing and take part in a radio play and also do Follies. After the show is over, we go outside the theatre and pose for pictures with the tourists, and then finally we get out of costumes and set up for the next day. We work a daily 6 hour shift from Friday to Wednesday.

I think practicing daily gets you in shape, I didn’t have any professional training before attending the college, but all the teachers make sure you grow in your own level. I am excited to see what comes next year.


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Fernando Jiménez

Fernando Jiménez

Fernando is about to start second year of the Enriched Performing Arts diploma at CCPA, and is currently performing at Barkerville BC for the summer.