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High school graduates looking for a programme that is comprehensive, compact, cost-effective and exciting. Post-graduate students interested in a short-term programme with high calibre instruction allowing students to focus on their future career while polishing and developing practical skills and contacts. All of these skills and contacts will assist their job search after graduation.

The Canadian College of Performing Arts invests in preparing students for stable careers, therefore a minimum of high school completion is required for entry.

Enriched Performing Arts Diploma Program Overview

Company C Studio Ensemble Diploma Program Overview

Performing Arts Certificate Program Overview

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Audition FAQ

Students are required to apply for entry to the college by auditioning in person (either at the national tour, or at the college throughout the year) or by video.


Candidates applying for admission to the Canadian College of Performing Arts must have completed high school and must demonstrate a high level of accomplishment in some or all of the disciplines taught at CCPA. A written application, performance audition and interview are required. A written resumé and photograph must be provided. Video auditions are accepted when they include all of the audition requirements. Selected students may be considered for a one-year Performing Arts Certificate program with a submission of two reference letters from industry professionals and payment of the application fee.

Students may apply for entry to the Canadian College of Performing Arts’ Year III Applied Diploma program upon successful completion of the two-year Diploma program. Admission requirements include a performance audition and interview, as well as completion of the Year III application form. Graduates of the one-year performing arts certificate program may be considered if they have more than two years of professional experience.