Call for BIPOC alumni to join the Board or the Cultural Safety Working Group

The Canadian Heritage Arts Society Board is responding to recent requests for the College to articulate its Cultural Plan more clearly and identify next steps to be taken. We acknowledge that the College has to work harder, and faster, to bring diversity to every aspect of its operations.

We believe that students should be able to see themselves reflected in the faculty and guest artists who mentor them. We want our students to be actively engaged in evolving discussions around inclusion; gender equity and identity; accessibility; cultural appropriation; truth and reconciliation; and safe spaces. By sharing in the full diversity of Canadian performing arts practice, CCPA students will be better prepared to assume their roles as Canada’s next cultural leaders. We need your help in more deeply embedding these priorities in the culture of the Canadian College of Performing Arts.

The CHAS Board has committed to welcoming a BIPOC alumni to the Board of Directors. As a member of the Board of Directors, this alumni will play a central role in formulating future plans. Members of the Board are volunteers who meet at least monthly and serve for a term of three years.

CCPA and the Board of Directors are also inviting interested alumni to participate in a dedicated Cultural Safety Working Group of BIPOC alumni. This Working Group will participate in an examination of the actions the College has taken to improve diversity, recommend ways and means to more deeply integrate these practices, and identify areas where new initiatives are needed to ensure that diversity is embedded in the College culture. Members of the Working Group will receive an honorarium and meet monthly for a term to be determined by the group.

If you are interested in joining the CHAS Board or the Working Group, please send an expression of interest that includes your availability for preferred meeting times to along with a bio / CV or whatever documentation you feel best represents you. The Board respects and understands that, as alumni, focus on your career is your primary responsibility and greater flexibility can be afforded with meeting attendance and participation as needed.

Please submit your expression of interest by Tuesday, June 30 and identify ‘Board’ and/or ‘Working Group’ in the subject line.

We look forward to receiving your submission. Expressions of interest will be reviewed by a Board Committee and, based on suitability, one alumni will be selected for appointment to the Board and a maximum of six alumni will be invited to participate in the Working Group. Thank you for your continued support of the Canadian College of Performing Arts and your commitment to its cultural diversity.


Barbara Greeniaus
Chair, Canadian Heritage Arts Society Board of Directors