Black Lives Matter

The violent crimes against Black communities in the United States highlight longstanding systemic racism that exists throughout the world, including Canada.

The College is committed to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility. We stand in solidarity with our Black and Indigenous communities. It is deeply important to us that our whole community and in particular our BIPOC students, staff, faculty and board past and present know that we denounce racism in any form and that they will always find a safe space at the College. We also know that working to address anti-racism within our walls is not enough. We as artistic leaders must also set an example. As an arts and educational institution we know we have more work to do.

The College and the Board of Directors have invited interested alumni to participate in a dedicated Cultural Safety Working Group of BIPOC Alumni.  This Working Group will participate in an examination of the actions the College has taken to improve diversity; recommend ways and means to more deeply integrate these practices; and identify areas where new initiatives are needed to ensure that diversity is embedded in the College culture.

The College aims to ensure respectful engagement, acknowledge power imbalances and create an environment free of racism and discrimination. We encourage all other arts and educational institutions to do the same.