Backstage: Dorothy Gray Day of Bridge Fundraiser

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Communications Officer Dorothy Eggenberger chats about the Dorothy Gray Day of Bridge Fundraiser. 


Community outreach is embedded in the curriculum here at CCPA. Our students tour Greater Victoria during November with a special Remembrance Day Tribute. In the spring we open our doors to the community for the TD Festival of New Works (entrance by donation). But we have another twice-a-year fundraiser that really builds bridges.

Yesterday we held our Dorothy Gray Day of Bridge Fundraiser. It’s an all day affair with a lively game of bridge paired with tea, sandwiches, and cake.

I caught up with a familiar face: Marguerite Rowe. The former Board Chair of the Canadian Heritage Arts Society commented on the about the 20-year-old fundraiser:

“I think that Day of Bridge is a phenomenal event for bringing people from the community into CCPA. These are people who love the college and support the college. While they’re here they get an opportunity to meet the staff and they get a chance to hear the students which is what they love to do.”

The students always pop in at lunchtime to share their musical talents with our bridge players. Yesterday they performed a suite from 42nd Street and another from Ragtime.

 “They’re a group of supporters that have stayed with us,” says Marguerite, “Four years ago when I first become the Chair of the Canadian Heritage Society we made the Day of Bridge event one of our strategic initiatives. We felt that it was such an important event in terms of getting people from the community engaged and involved with us. That was about that time we started doing it twice a year. It’s a wonderful event to bring people from the community into the college and for the students to see what kind of support they get from these wonderful people.”

This fundraiser is one of the many vehicles we use to raise funds to keep tuition at an affordable price. Want to get involved? Join us for our TD Festival of New Works next week. Entry is by donation and all donations go to scholarships.